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André van Huizen

André van Huizen

Andre van Huizen is a photographer who travels the world to find places, faces and wildlife to document them. He specializes in different kinds of environments such as deserts, jungles, polar regions, mountains and savannas. He devides his love for travelling between Africa, America, Europe, The Arctic & Antarctica Australia and Asia. Countries and regions he visited so far are Antarctica Argentina Australia Bolivia Borneo Brazil BotswanaZimbabwe Cameroon Brazil Canary Islands Chile China Costa Rica Crete Cuba Dubai Ecuador Egypt Ethiopia France Galapagos Islands Germany Greenland Hawai'i India Jordan Kenya Lesotho Libya Madagascar Malawi Morocco Mozambique Namibia Nepal Netherlands Peru Poland Rajasthan Scotland South-Africa Spain Spitsbergen Sudan Suriname Swaziland Switzerland Tanzania Thailand Turkey Uganda UAE USA Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

He has a large collection of special theme pages like 4WD in Iceland 4WD in the Sahara 4WD in North-east Africa Altiplano Atacama Desert Bolivia Amazon Ecuador Ancient Angkor Barcelona Birds Birds of Africa Birds of Iceland Botanical garden Burning Man Butterflies Captive birds Cats Chimpanzees Colour Cows Cuban cars Cuban car details Cuban car fronts Cuban Nature Desert of Egypt Egyptian museum East-African wildlife Flowers Galapagos birds Glaciers Groningen Istanbul Jokulsarlon icebergs Karst mountains Kenyan landscapes Landscapes Light on Ice Manu Men at work Mushrooms Noorderplantsoen Panoramas Patterns People of Nepal People of Africa People of Ethiopia People of Yemen People of Kenya People of Cuba Petra Rice teraces Sands of the Sahara Salar de Uyuni Sunsets Waterfalls of Iceland Wildlife Wadi Rum Zoo Doue Zoo

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